Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello? Are you still out there? I am!

Hello Bloggerland! I'm back. Yep, it's me again!

I stumbled across this blog the other day, and thought maybe I'd give it another shot! Almost 4 years later, I'm coming back to it! I don't know if anyone is out there, but if you are, I am too. 

So, what has changed in 4 years? Nothing, really. Still overweight. Still struggling. I actually became much more overweight in the past 4 years, but I'm down to the low 190s again. I've found yoga and step class, and Weight Watchers. It's helping. Slowly but surely. Eating is the biggest struggle, followed by a boring tread climber and long long winter. 

I found my measurements from 2010. Surprisingly, I'm close to my lowest measurements. 

June 11, 2010:
Bust: 42 inches
Arms: 15 inches
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 42 inches
Legs: 25 inches

March 5, 2014
Bust: 40.5 inches (-1.5)
Arms: 14 inches (left) (-1)
Waist: 42.5 inches (+3.5)
Hips: 43 inches (+1)
Legs: 25 inches (0)
Under Bust: 38 inches

So, 2 inches more. But, I feel really good, and I'm wearing size 31 jeans. They're old, but they fit. The size 32s that I bought after Christmas are really loose, so that's a win. And I'm going to step every week, and trying to go to yoga every week. I'm getting there. 

It's nice to be blogging about weight again. But that's all I'll be blogging about here. I've learned my lesson in regards to that. But, weight loss here I come. I feel good about it this time. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow. 144 posts. That's a lot, especially for me, a writer who struggles with major writer's block.

I'm really very sad to see this blog go. I've had such a fun time writing it. Alas, it has to be done to preserve some one's feelings. I can't censor myself, so it's just better this way. And, I really do think I was outgrowing the crazy obsessive weight loss writing as well. I would love to write about whatever I want, and not have to have it be a theme.

While I'm not too happy about this blog ending, I am happy with the idea of a new one starting - a fresh start for me! I actually journaled for almost all of my lunch today, and it felt pretty good. I want my new blog to be more like that - more me. I even want to get back into writing poetry, which I haven't really done in a couple of years.

So, to anyone out there who is reading this, thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to read my writing. And, if you want to know where I'm going, let me know. I'll keep you updated!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The End Is Near

So, folks, this blog is nearing it's end. Tomorrow will be the last blog of "Following Weight" - forever. It has become part of a very negative situation for me, and it needs to end.

Not only the negative situation, but I think my life has evolved. I'm no longer all about the weight loss. I'm about life, and love, and experiences. I'm not just a number on a scale, I'm a person. Yes, my life is still a lot about weight, but it's about so much more.

Basically, here's the deal. I'm not going to delete my blog. It's been too much of a part of me for too long. But, if you want to be a part of the new blog, and to know what it is, and where I've gone, please leave a comment on today or tomorrow's blog. If you're out there, and not AT or KB (you will get an email with the updates ladies!) please let me know. If my blog means something to you, let me know. I want to still share my words.

I'm really sad about having to end this way, but it's for the best for me. After some good advice from KB, I feel pretty amazing about it. Like a weight has been lifted, a weight that should have been taken care of a while ago.

So, let me know. I want to hear from you. I'll keep checking the comments for a while, just in case.

Thanks blogger - I'm going to miss you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Goals

So, this is a picture from our vacation this summer. We went through Well's Gray Park at a mad pace, and stopped at 4 waterfalls and here, the place called the "Mush Bowl." Now, I don't find this to be the most flattering picture ever, but, it is who I am right now, belly and all.

So, you've been waiting to hear about my newest plan, and I promise, you will find out by the end of this blog.

I think I need to do some reflection this week. I've had some hard times come at me, and I haven't dealt with them too well. John and I had some problems, I had a bitch call me down and take away a huge amount of my self confidence. And what did I do? Eat. Shouldn't I have gone and run? Yes, is the correct answer. But no. I fell back into old routines.

I think the fact that John and I have come out of these problems stronger is the key to our relationship. This wasn't a minor issue, this was a trust issue, and that's one of the biggest in a relationship. But, we've worked it out and are stronger for it. It just makes me so happy that I found a man who loves me enough to support me and what I feel.

And, the bitch of s friend. I really don't think she's that bad of a person. My last impression of her will always be that of a bitch because of how she treated me. Obviously, our ideas of being friends are different. She thinks it acceptable to maliciously hurt someone, or to attack them and insult them when the first person says something she doesn't like. Like, once, I made a comment about her husband, totally innocently, and she took it the wrong way and before asking me what I meant, she attacked John and I. Not so much what I good friend would do. But, our problems may have been just that we were not compatable. I don't want a friend to know absolutely every thought in my mind, or to give me constant advice. If I want advice, I will ask for it. And, I am not an advice giver, since I don't like getting it, why would I give it? There were so many signs that I ignored about our relationship that I shouldn't have. It could have ended a whole lot better. I still feel bad for taking her away from John, but I'm really not comfortable with him being that close to another woman. That's what I'm around for. If you need someone to talk to, shouldn't it be your wife? I think so. I mean, it's not as if I bitch and complain and tell all of my inner relationship issues with another guy. I think if the roles were reversed, John would have understood a lot sooner.

So, back to the eating issue. I'm clearly having some issues. I stepped onto the scale this morning and weighed 190.5 pounds, which is less than last week. A pound and a half less. I guess I should take that as a good thing, since my goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, and that's less than a pound and a half a week. But, it's driving me nuts. I've been weighing every single day, and seeing the scale go up and down is drving me crazy. It's stressing me out, and that's not good. The pain in my knees isn't making it any easier. I've been having some huge problems with them. It sure makes working out hard to do. I haven't run since before we went on vacation.

So, the new plan? I'm going to weigh September 1, then not again until October 1. I've realized how badly the scale has been stressing me out, so I'm going to take it away for a month. I know that may seem silly. I mean, how am I going to know if I'm losing or gaining? Well, I'm not. I want to weight 185 pounds on October 1, but I think, if I just eat right, work out at least 5 days a week, walk after dinner every night, and NOT stress out about it, I can do that, and more. I'm going to do my measurements again September 1 (or the night before) and just go by that. Measure every week, and see if there is any improvement. I'm putting too much stock in the scale, and I need it to go away! If I can make it down to 185 pounds in that month, I only have 15 pounds to lose in 3 months - 5 pounds a month! I think I can do that! I just need to get the eating and knees under control.

Speaking of knees, I'm starting a vitamin regimine tomorrow. I've been taking Super Apple Cidar Vinegar pills every morning (the help you stop retaining water) but I'm going to add in Glucosamine & Chondroitin and Clacuim Magnesium with Vitamin D. I have to try something to get my knees back into shape. It's getting pathetic. I've been laying in bed a lot because it hurts so badly. I can't do much around the house most days, and it's frustrating. Even doing aquafit was hard on my knees. I think maybe going to the pool and just doing cardio (jogging on the spot, walking across the pool, etc) might be good for me. We'll see though. I need to figure something out. I'll try this out for a bit, and if it's not working, I guess I'll have to go see a specialist. It's tough.

So, that's it today folks. I think I should get dressed and go for a quick walk. Just something to get my heart rate going for a bit, then relax my knees. Maybe a bath. That would be nice! Hope your weekend was great, and that your weather was better than our rainy fall shit. Have a good one!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Recipe

Well,  summer's almost over, but here's a great recipe for summer. I think it sounds fantastic.

I finally got the chance to relax today, and it still feels like I could use some more down time. It really sucks. My knees are still sore, though not as sore as before.

Hope you all had a great day. Stay tuned for my newest plan in tomorrow's blog!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Friday

What a week! I can't believe how exhausting it's been for me! And painful. I'm especially not happy with the pain part. My arms have been hurting, but tendinitis and a computer job will do that. It's my knees that have been bugging me the most. My left knee is horrible! Just an ache, constantly. And not a dull ache, an in-your-face ache. Not so much fun.

And the scale and I have not been friends all week. I've been hovering at 191 pounds and 191.5 pounds all week. And, of course, I'm frustrated, and when I'm frustrated, I eat badly. I'm working on a strategy for it, which I will let you in on in Sunday's blog. September is going to be a good month for me. I can feel it (somehow through the pain, I can feel it).

We've also been talking about moving a lot lately. Not like moving to town, like moving out of town. Going North. Possibly. And, I'm willing to go for John's job, but it's still freaking me out. It's only a possibility that's being thrown out there, but it might be something good to consider. Great for him, and a change of pace for me. Might be just what's needed. I mean, I've been here over 3 years. I only lived in Kamloops for 20 months! I didn't even make it 2 full years there before I was bored. I would have left about 4 months earlier, but I was already enrolled at TRU for the spring semester! Maybe a change is in order for us! We'll see though! But, of course, it is a bit stressful for me. The anxiety hasn't set in yet, but I'm sure it will.

Ok, time to go and cuddle up with my honey and watch "Hot Tub Time Machine" - have a good night all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The No Gym Workout

I don't know about you, but I really hate the gym. Hate it. I find it to be so boring, and I lose interest really quickly. If I'm on a treadmill, I don't care how far I've gone because I can't visualize it. I know when I run at home here, I'm running a mile. I can see that from beginning to end, it's a mile. On a treadmill, the numbers don't add up as well. So, if you're like me, check out this article. I think it's pretty good!

Today was super busy at work. My customers were pretty quiet, but I think I was the only one. But, that meant holding down the fort while other people got stuff done. I mean, I did a lot of orders today, but I didn't get the chance to pick a single one. We left the boss with a mass amount to pick, but when I asked if he wanted me to stay he said no, so it's his own problem!

I think I should go and clean up our room a bit. I have a load of laundry that needs to be folded. Oh the joys of being a wife. I wish sometimes that I could be the husband, and not care if things looked nice. Oh well. Yet another curse of being a woman.

Hope you all had a great day! Talk to you again tomorrow!